This is the Paradigm bass, setting a new standard for a classic model. Based on the traditional lines of a Precision bass, though slightly altered for better balance and comfort.

The bass pictured above features a 32” scale and the 1 piece Alder body has also been scaled down accordingly. This keeps things in proportion and reduces weight. Although the shape is very similar to the classic Precision, the top horn has been slightly elongated to improve balance. The heel is sculpted to allow easy upper fret access and is fitted with 6 ferrules to create a very rigid neck, removing the need for the neck pate usually found on basses of this type.

In place of the standard one piece neck, here we have a 3 piece neck of Maple and Walnut to both help with stability and help eliminate deadspots.

A Lindy Fralin pickup ensures the bass sounds monstrous with the classic P-bass sound we all know and love.

It is finished in a Satin Blackburst finish, which feels silky smooth and gives the bass a tough look….like it really means business!

Features Overview

P Bass Inspired

Medium 32" Scale

20 Fret

AAA grade Rosewood Fingerboard

Tusq Nut

3 pc Maple/Walnut Neck

1 Piece Alder Body

Gotoh 203 Bridge

Gotoh Tuners

Custom Control Plate

Dunlop Straplocks

Passive with CTS pots

Lindy Fralin (S.W) Pickup

Blackburst Satin Finish

Colour Matched Headstock

Light Neck Tint


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M A N T O N    C U S T O M S


Testimonial from Stephen in West Yorkshire

The bass has arrived...  and it's fantastic!

Perfect build, perfect sound, perfect set up.  I love it!

It's the first bass I've had that sounds great without any EQ, although it does respond incredibly well to a very slight touch of EQ as well.  An action as comfortable as this hasn't been possible on other basses I've had (fret buzz/rattle).  It balances really well on a good strap and it's so light and resonant.  I'm glad we went with the standard Lindy Fralin pickups.  The whole instrument is absolutely flawless.

I wish I'd done this ages ago, instead of wasting money on the s**t that other companies often throw out the factory door!  It was well worth the wait.  


50s Paradigm

This Paradigm is based on the earlier 50’s Precisions, again the body shape has been slightly altered for better balance and comfort. The body is a single piece of English Walnut with character by the bucket load, featuring wormholes, cracks, and knots. All of these have been filled in black to stabilise and add maximum contrast. The Satin black pickguard has been given slot head brass mounting screws to give a more old fashioned look and tie in with the brass Wilkinson bridge saddles. Underneath the pickguard has been chambered to reduce weight and improve balance.

The usual Maple with Walnut skunk stripe as found on so many basses has been reversed for this neck, so we have a predominantly Walnut neck with a Maple central stripe. The neck is 38 mm at the nut and also quite slim, giving a fantastically quick feel with the smooth oil finish. The Maple fretboard has been given a satin Nitrocellulose finish for improved durability, it also features Walnut position markers to tie in with the body. The rest of the body/neck has been finished in an oil finish which really is the best looking finish on Walnut!

A staggered pole piece 52 Bare Knuckle pickup gives the classic Precision thump with hardly any hum which people may expect from a single coil pickup.

Overall a no nonsense, raw bass with an industrial rustic look, but with the added comfort of a slim neck and medium scale.

Features Overview

50s P Bass Inspired

32" Scale

20 Fret

Maple Fretboard

Bone Nut

3 pc Walnut/Maple Neck

1 pc Figured Walnut Body

Satin Black Pickguard

Chambered under P/G

Wilkinson Bridge

Wilkinson Tuners

Dunlop Straplock ready

Passive with CTS pots

52 Bare Knuckle Pickup

Oil finish


Features Overview

Medium 32" Scale P Bass

20 Fret

Flamed Maple fretboard

Tusq Nut

Maple Neck

1 Piece Ash Body

Gotoh 201 Bridge

Hipshot Tuners

Hipshot D Tuner

Schaller Straplocks

Passive with CTS pots

Catswhisker Pickup

Cerus Black Grain Fill

Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish

One piece Ash bodied Paradigm with pickguard, see gallery below for more pics


Features Overview

Medium 32" Scale P Bass

20 Fret

Cuban Mahogany Neck

Blackwood Tek fretboard

Bone Nut

1840’s Pine Body

Leather Pickguard

Gotoh 201 Bridge

Hipshot Tuners

Dunlop Straplocks

Passive with CTS pots

Nordstrand NP4 Pickup

Oil Finish

The timber used on the body of the bass above was originally in the roof of a building in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham which dated to the 1840’s. I was able to acquire some of the wood after the building had some renovation work and felt it would look much better in the shape of a medium scale Paradigm bass! To go with the rustic look of the Victorian Pine, I made a leather pickguard which matches the colour of the neck wood.

The neck  also had a past life as a piece of furniture which was at least 100 years old and sadly falling apart. It was however made from the very best mahogany - Cuban. So I gave the Mahogany a second chance at life as a neck! As both the body and neck were recycled, I decided it needed a green environmentally friendly fretboard option, so I went for Blackwood Tek, which is a man-made Ebony alternative.

The end result was a super light  medium scale Precision style bass which balances perfectly and weighs in at only approximately 6 lbs.

The build process of this bass can be viewed on my Youtube channel.

See gallery below for more pics

Please remember, any of our models can be specified with a different number of strings, scale length, frets, pickups or anything else for that matter! Also we offer the option for you to design your very own unique guitar or bass with your own body shape and specifications.