This is the Echo MK II guitar, it differentiates from the MK I in our range by having a more modern, dynamic look as opposed to the traditional look of the MK I. 

Features Overview

Telecaster inspired

25 1/2" scale

24 EVO frets

One piece Ash Body

Ash Neck

Ebony Fingerboard

Brass Nut

Wilkinson Bridge

Gotoh Tuners

Seymour Duncan Hot Stack- Pickups

Dunlop Straplocks

Ernie Ball Strings

Manton Customs Orange Echo MK II 8.JPG

This is the Echo MK II guitar, it differentiates from the MK I in our range by having a more modern, dynamic look as opposed to the traditional look of the MK I. The bottom of the guitar has been made rounded whereas the original was flat and the waist has been decreased, these both give the guitar a more curvy shape. The bottom horn has also been re shaped to give a slightly more aggressive look. So it might look like a familiar design, but in actuality very few lines remain the same.

The guitar pictured on the left here has a black and orange theme to it, everything on the guitar is either black or orange right from the finish up to the brass nut. A Wilkinson bridge was also chosen which incorporates this theme with the brass saddles and black body.

Both body and neck are Ash with a contrasting black grain fill to give that striking look. A luxurious jet black Ebony board was chosen to keep the theme running with 24 brass EVO frets and nut.

Unusually this guitar was specified with a Stratocaster pickup at the neck and a Tele pickup at the bridge, both are made by Seymour Duncan and both are their Hot Stack variants.

Manton Customs Orange Echo MK II 2.JPG
Manton Customs Echo MK II Black Limba (6).JPG

Black Limba Echo MK II

Manton Customs Echo MK II Black Limba (11).JPG

Features Overview


25” scale

22 Stainless Steel frets

One piece Black Limba body

Five piece Wenge/Limba neck

Macassar Ebony fingerboard

Babicz bridge

Schaller locking tuners

Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack- pickups

Dunlop Straplocks

Manton Customs Echo MK II Black Limba (1).JPG

This one features some very harmonious wood choices, we have a beautiful 1 piece Black Limba body with a 5 piece Wenge and Black Limba neck featuring a stunning Macassar Ebony fingerboard.

All of which blend nicely to create a lovely natural looking woody vibe.

Hardware includes a Babicz bridge, Schaller locking tuners and Stainless Steel frets. The pickups are Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack set which give that classic sound without any annoying hum. Please see the gallery below for more pictures.


"Just a quick thank-you for the excellent and professional work you did for my guitar and guiding me through the whole process. I really enjoyed working through all the choices we had to make and the final combination of neck and body woods looks so good. It is stunning to play and all aspects of the finish are superb. I had a vision in my mind as to what it would look and sound like and all those expectations have been exceeded by miles! Everyone who has seen it so far has just gone wow! For me it is the neck that stands out the most. It vibrates with life and is a perfect fit for my hand. Access to all the higher frets is slick and easy and I've found that any tension that used to build up in my wrists and elbow has pretty much gone. The slightly shorter scale length at 25" combined with the stainless steel frets makes for super smooth runs and really slick bends.  Electronics are bang on and the treble-bleed circuit gives a great balance across all volume levels. At present it far exceeds my playing abilities which is great as it means I've got years to get used to it and to learn how to get the most out of it. That's a journey I'm really looking forward to.I can only apologise at all this exuberant praise but I really can't find anything but good things to say. Compared to buying a stock guitar off the shelf at the same price I've now got something special that I could never sell and that I could never outgrow."

Stefan - London

Manton Customs Echo MK II Oak and Mahogany (6).JPG


Echo MK II 

Manton Customs Echo MK II Oak and Mahogany (12).JPG
Manton Customs Echo MK II Oak and Mahogany (2).JPG
Manton Customs Echo MK II Oak and Mahogany (2).JPG

Features Overview

Oak & Mahogany

25 1/2” scale

22 frets

¼ sawn English Oak neck

Bog Oak fretboard

Flamed Brown Oak top

1 piece Cuban Mahogany body

Kent Armstrong Stealth P90

Gotoh Tuners

Manton Customs Echo MK II Oak and Mahogany (4).JPG

This one features some lovely and fairly unique woods, the top is Brown Oak which features some strong medullary rays. It occurred to me how this makes a very nice home grown alternative to Flamed Maple. 

The neck is also English Oak, this time ¼ sawn - Oak makes a fantastic neck wood, but is not often given a second look due to the fact it was never used by any of the big names in the 50’s and 60’s. I find it stronger and more stable than Maple. The fretboard is also a form of Oak, this time Bog Oak. As the name hints, this is literally oak that has been submerged in a bog for thousands of years. During this time it gets extremely hard and also changes colour from the original sandy brown oak colour to black. The older the piece is, the blacker it gets - lots of Bog Oak is a dark brown, but this piece is truly black so must be many thousands of years old and makes a wonderful eco friendly alternative to Ebony.

Manton Customs Echo MK II Oak and Mahogany (8).JPG
Manton Customs Echo MK II Barncaster  (1).JPG


Echo MK II 

Manton Customs Echo MK II Barncaster  (5).JPG

Features Overview

25 1/2" scale

22 frets

One piece Beech body

Maple neck

Ebony Fingerboard

Brass Nut

Aged/weathered finish

Wilkinson half Bridge

Gotoh Tuners

Seymour Duncan P90 pickup

Dunlop Straplocks

Rotosound strings

Manton Customs Echo MK II Barncaster  (5).JPG
Manton Customs Echo MK II Barncaster  (6).JPG

This is the Barncaster edition of the Echo MK II. The body wood came from an old barn and has loads of character in the form of many cracks, wormholes and a large knot running right through it. So the theme is a sort of a natural relic. However whereas on your usual relic you would find playing wear illustrating the story of the guitars past, on this guitar the features all tell a story about the piece of wood itself. All these cracks and holes have been solidified and highlighted to ensure the guitar remains in one piece!

The wood has been treated with an aging solution to bring back the colour of the wood to how it was before the piece was worked. Then an oil finish was applied to keep the wood feeling as natural as possible with minimum finish thickness.


The hardware and pickup setup is simplicity itself, yet the quality of components has not been skimped on. The Seymour Duncan Hot P90 pickup at the bridge offers instant growl without any messing about with switches or controls. A simple plug and play setup which sounds great every time.

Manton Customs Echo MK II Barncaster  (1).JPG

Please remember, any of our models can be specified with a different number of strings, scale length, frets, pickups or anything else for that matter! Also we offer the option for you to design your very own unique guitar or bass with your own body shape and specifications.