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The Horizon MK II is based on the MK I in our model range, but stepping a bit further away from the established design the MK I was based on. It has a familiar pickup and control layout, but the body shape retains hardly any of the lines from the original, creating a more modern, dynamic Superstrat.

HORIZON MK II Solid Body Ash

The guitar here features a one piece English Ash body with a natural finish and contrasting grain filler, which really defines the grain in this lovely piece of wood which is also nice and lightweight.

Features Overview

1 piece Ash Body (rear routed)

Natural Finish with contrasting grain fill

25 1/2” scale

Maple Neck

Kingwood Fingerboard

22 Fret

Bare Knuckle Cobra pickups

Chrome Gotoh hardware

CTS Pots

Dunlop Straplocks

The comfortable Maple neck features an attractive 22 fret Kingwood fingerboard displaying a range of different colours.


The headstock will be instantly recognisable from other models in our range and it really looks at home with this body shape.

Manton Customs Horizon MK II 7.JPG
Manton Customs Horizon MK II Superstrat 3.JPG

Hardware is taken care of by Gotoh and as you can see the guitar features a lot of Chrome! This gives the guitar a wonderfully understated look without ever looking “too much”,


Triple Bare Knuckle Cobra pickups give the guitar that classic sound, but being a little hotter than standard Strat pickups also help the guitar have a bit more edge to compliment it’s fresh modern look.

Manton Customs Horizon MK II Superstrat Semi Hollow (1).JPG


This Horizon MK II is fully chambered with only a small area internally for the bridge to be mounted on, the rest of the body is completely hollow. This gives a nice full, resonant tone and considerably reduces weight (7.5lbs), making it a great guitar for anyone with a bad shoulder/back.

Features Overview

25 ½” scale

22 fret

Brazilian Kingwood Fretboard

Cuban Mahogany Neck

Semi Hollow Body

Ash body

Honduran Mahogany top

Kent Armstrong pickups

CTS pots

Gotoh Hardware

The back of the body is a single piece of English Ash and the top an attractive single piece of Honduran Mahogany, featuring a crescent f hole.

On the hardware and electronics side of things we have triple Kent Armstrong hot single coil pickups with CTS pots (vol, tone, tone) and Gotoh tuners and bridge.

Manton Customs Horizon MK II Superstrat Semi Hollow (3).JPG
Manton Customs Horizon MK II Superstrat Semi Hollow (4).JPG

The neck is Cuban Mahogany - an extremely rare wood to find these days, it’s exceptionally strong, dense and very stable which makes it the perfect neck wood. The neck has a slim profile and has quite a flat fretboard radius (20”) making it a very “fast” neck. For the fretboard we chose Brazilian Kingwood featuring both sapwood and heartwood as it looked harmonious with both the body and top wood.

Horizon MK II Superstrat Black Limba  (8).JPG


My Horizon MK II Superstrat model, this time with a HH pickup configuration and extra carving to give a modern aggressive look. To back this look up, the pickups are Fishman Fluence active modern humbuckers. The body is some exceptionally light Black Limba and the whole guitar weighs in at a superlight 5.5lbs. The neck is some really nice Flamed Maple with a Pau Rosa fretboard.

Features Overview

2 piece Black Limba Body
25 1/2” scale
Flamed Maple Neck
Paua Rosa Fingerboard
22 Fret
Fishman Fluence Modern Humbuckers
Chrome Gotoh hardware
Oil Finish
Dunlop Straplocks

Manton Customs Horizon MK II London Plane Semi Hollow (9).jpeg

HORIZON MK II Semi Hollow 

This Horizon MK II has been fully chambered internally, making it light weight and resonant. The top and back are both only approx. 7mm and the rest is completely hollow except for under the bridge and the neck joint.


All the woods on this guitar were grown and sourced in England. The top is London Plane featuring a Quatrefoil sound hole and the back English Maple, exhibiting some flame figure. English Maple is one of my favourite woods to work with and was/is often the chosen fiddleback material for Violin makers. The neck is some beautiful English Oak in a 3 piece laminate to improve stability. As the grain in the neck is rather crazy, I also opted to further strengthen the neck with reinforcement bars under the fretboard. The fretboard itself is Laburnum, which makes a hardwearing, homegrown alternative to the more standard exotic options. In between neck and fretboard we have a black poplar veneer to tie in with the accent between the body and top.

For the pickups we chose the Bare Knuckle True Grit set, which have all the classic Strat tones and more!

Features Overview

25 ½” Scale

22 Fret

Laburnum Fretboard

3 pc Reinforced Oak Neck

Semi Hollow Body

London Plane Top

Quatrefoil Sound Hole

English Maple Body

Bare Knuckle Pickups

CTS Pots

Gotoh Hardware

Dunlop Straplocks