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The conquistadors were Spanish and Portuguese soldiers who explored and conquered many continents. This is the Conquistador bass, a medium scale (32") fretless 5 string bass. An instrument to help you explore and conquer new territories within your musical world.

Features Overview

5 String

32" scale

String through body

Pear top with binding

Chambered Walnut body

100+ year old Oak neck

Compass Rose F hole

Handmade Rosewood

and brass bridge

Delano Xtender pickup

Gotoh tuners

Dunlop straplocks

Brass nut

D'addario Chromes

(flatwound) strings

Manton Customs Conqustador 5 String Fretless (1).JPG

The design is heavily inspired by a Spanish Parlour guitar which also contributed to the name. The body is a heavily chambered design of Walnut and Pear wood. It is reasonably thin at approximately 1/2" less than a typical solid body bass. This, along with the chambers means the bass has a light weight, and still balances perfectly on the strap.

The Conquistadors were famous for discovering gold and treasures on their travels. So we have kept that theme with this bass. There is a compass rose F-hole above one of the chambers and the bass has brass embellishments (as a more affordable substitute to gold!). These embellishments can be found at the position markers, nut, bridge saddle and control cavity lid.

Manton Customs Conqustador 5 String Fretless (12).JPG
Manton Customs Conqustador 5 String Fretless (3).JPG

The fretless neck is constructed from Oak, just like the Conquistadors ships would have likely been. This particular piece of oak was repurposed from an old beam approximately 100 years old, as such it is extremely strong and stable. The fingerboard is of beautiful AAA grade Rosewood as is the bridge. The bridge itself is entirely handmade and in the approximate shape of a Conquistadors helmet to again keep within the theme. Rosewood is also another commodity the conquistadors would have likely obtained from their travels!

We went with the Delano Xtender for the pickup. Not only do these sound amazing, but also the shape resembles a sound hole, which would be found on the parlour guitar this bass is inspired by.

It is string through body, so regular bass strings can be used despite the basses shorter scale.

So to sum up - Explore, conquer, be comfortable and look good doing it!

Manton Customs Conqustador 5 String Fretless (5).JPG


"The sound and feel of this bass is nothing short of phenomenal! It's got everything that you'd want in a fretless bass. I love the look of it, I love the feel of it and I love the sound of it and the more I'm getting used to it the more it's giving me. Fantastic workmanship and design! - you may bee able to tell - I like it !!!"

Adrian from Morpeth - owner of the bass

Please remember, any of our models can be specified with a different number of strings, scale length, frets, pickups or anything else for that matter! Also we offer the option for you to design your very own unique guitar or bass with your own body shape and specifications.

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