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An extravagant neck through 5 string bass featuring 19 separate pieces of wood including the headstock veneers. Wings of a stacked construction of black walnut and hard maple, topped some beautiful figured maple which features burr, flame and quilt.

Features Overview

5 String

35" Scale

24 Frets

5 Piece Neck of Sapele and Maple

Sapele Tone Block

Ebony Fingerboard

Bone Nut

Angled Headstock

Front and Back Head Veneers

Wings: Walnut, Maple, Figured Maple

Schaller Roller Bridge

Gotoh Tuners

Dunlop Straplocks

2 X Active EMG 40J Pickups

EMG BTC Preamp

Neutrik Locking Jack

Hardware wise they are fitted with a Schaller Roller Bridge, Gotoh tuners and the Dunlop straplocks which come as standard on all of our instruments.

They have a 2 band active EMG BTC preamp featuring volume for each pickup and bass and treble controls which mates perfectly with the two active EMG 40J pickups resulting in a voice of extreme clarity.

Manton Customs Green Titan 1 (3).JPG
Manton Customs Titan 5 String Bass Walnut (6).JPG

The necks are 5 pieces of sapele and maple, with sapele tone block on the rear and a very high quality uniformly black ebony fingerboard with 24 frets.

Manton Customs Titan 6 String Bass 7.JPG

Viola De Gamba Inspired 6 string titan

Manton Customs Titan 6 String Bass 2.JPG
Manton Customs Titan 6 String Bass 1.JPG

This Titan is very much influenced by baroque instruments such as the Viola da Gamba. The wings and tone block are Flamed English Maple (Acer Pseudoplatanus), with some very strong fiddleback figure, this is the wood used on the majority of all the best classical and baroque instruments. For the top, the obvious choice was Spruce, but we didn’t want the plain figure that Spruce often has, so we chose Bear Claw Spruce with some wonderful figure, not dissimilar to Quilted Maple. We substituted the traditional choice of Ebony for the fingerboard with Bog Oak, this was chosen as it was important to us to have a more eco friendly option to Ebony for this bass.

The body has a large chamber, to both reduce weight and colour the tone - in fact this combined with the extra long 36” scale gives the bass a wonderful loud acoustic tone. Above the chamber we have a sound hole and instead of the traditional F shape, we went for a C-hole as often found on the Viola da Gamba.

Manton Customs Titan 6 String Bass 2.JPG
Manton Customs Titan 6 String Bass 6.JPG

All hardware and electronics are German built, so we have Schaller hardware with Delano pickups and electronics. In the neck position there is the SBC quad coil pickup, with a switch to cycle between Series, cross coil Precision, and reverse cross coil Precision. Which means this bass can nail the classic P bass tone even though it’s a wildly different instrument!  In the bridge is a SBC dual coil with a switch for Series/Parallel/Single Coil and this is placed at the MM sweet spot to get that raspy sound!


Please see more pictures in the gallery and a video created by the Titan 6 string owner.


"Robin is a very passionate and busy luthier in Shropshire with an excellent reputation. He loves building bass guitar classics and has a special interest in avantgarde instruments pushing the boundaries.

I picked up my semi-acoustic 6 string Titan (36 inch scale with Maple/Spruce/Bog Oak) from his lovely new workshop early August 2020. This bass was entirely built by his hands and finished to perfection with a violin oil finish to show of the bear claw spruce and the flamed English Maple. Robin took his time and I played the new instrument for an hour in his workshop and show room and inspected every detail and sound of it.

This design included carvings and chambering of the body as it has a C hole as found in the Viola da Gamba instruments of the Baroque period. Furthermore, it was important to me that the sourced woods were as environmentally friendly as possible and traditional at the same time (the ebony fretboard was replaced with Bog Oak). All the hardware and pickups are German.

The attention to detail shows that Robin loves building guitars to the highest standard possible and that he is experienced and very skilled. It plays like butter and sounds extremely HIFI with the added warmth of the chambered body and hand-selected English Maple and Spruce.

This instrument is flawless in every aspect and feather-light for a bass with these specifications. The finish and build quality is en par with the big names in this business and he is very competitively priced. The fretwork and set-up was superb and exactly how I had asked him to do it for me and I am very picky when it comes to playability of custom made instruments. In fact it feels like it had been PLEKed and the frets are smooth and disappear in the fretboard how it should be.

Robin was always available for a chat about the process and sent pictures to me to find the right colour for the finish, for example. This instrument is a joy to play and it sounds awesome! In fact I am so satisfied about it that a second instrument was commissioned. I can highly recommend him. Check out his website for more information and give him a call!"

Daniel - Surrey

Manton Customs Medium Scale Walnut 6 String Titan (11).JPG

Walnut 6 string titan

Manton Customs Medium Scale Walnut 6 String Titan (2).JPG
Manton Customs Medium Scale Walnut 6 String Titan (5).JPG

Features Overview

32” scale 6 string,

Neck Through,

24 fret,

Walnut top,

Flamed English Maple (chambered) with Yew and black accents,

Wenge/Flamed Maple 5 pc Neck with carbon fibre reinforcement,

Front and back headstock veneers,

Delano Pickups (quad coil neck, dual coil bridge),

P bass cross coils switching for neck pickup. Series, single, parallel for bridge,

Glockenklang 3 band active preamp,

Hipshot bridge,

Gotoh tuners,

Schaller straplocks,

Newtone strings,

Manton Customs Medium Scale Walnut 6 String Titan (8).JPG

We have some very nice woods on this one. The top of the wings are some beautiful English Walnut, which I have had in my wood stash for a number of years waiting to be used on something special with a dark colour scheme and this bass definitely qualifies, so I was happy the customer picked them out!

The back is Flamed (or Fiddleback…) English Maple, which is the wood often chosen for the backs of Violins. It has all the beauty of American Flamed Maple yet weighs considerably less…and it’s grown over here and is much nicer to work! In between the Walnut and Maple we have a laminate of English Yew which is separated by black accent veneers. The wings are also chambered, which means the bass only weighs in at 9lbs, which isn’t at all bad for a sixer!

Manton Customs Medium Scale Walnut 6 String Titan (6).JPG
Manton Customs Medium Scale Walnut 6 String Titan (9).JPG

The neck is a 5 piece laminate of Wenge and Flamed Maple (reinforced with carbon fibre) with a figured Wenge fretboard featuring front and side Luminlay dots. The veneer on the back of the headstock is cut from the same piece as the tone block (centre of body) and the Walnut on the face from the same top set.

The pickups are a Delano quad coil for the neck (with P bass switching options) and a dual coil for the bridge pickipand these are wired to a 3 band Glockenklang preamp.

Manton Customs Medium Scale Walnut 6 String Titan (16).JPG

Please remember, any of our models can be specified with a different number of strings, scale length, frets, pickups or anything else for that matter! Also we offer the option for you to design your very own unique guitar or bass with your own body shape and specifications.

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