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Here you will find the standard features and pricing of our instruments as well as available customisation options. The Standard can be just a starting point so please don't feel limited to any of the specifications, we are here to build the instrument you want. Also unlike a majority of luthiers, I'm happy to offer the option of building a 100% custom guitar to your exact designs (rather than just offering a model range) making the guitar of your dreams come true!

Manton Customs Echo MK II Barncaster  (11).JPG

 Standard features overview


  • Any shape from our model range

  • 6 string guitar (4 if bass )

  • Your chosen scale length

  • 2 piece body (no top) of Ash, Mahogany, Poplar or Alder

  • Bolt on construction

  • Oil Finish

  • Non laminated Maple or Ash neck

  • Double Action Truss Rod

  • Rosewood, Maple or Ebony fingerboard

  • Front and side dot inlays

  • Fret choice of 0 (fretless) to 24

  • Gotoh bridge and tuners in Black, Chrome, or Gold

  • Choice of between 1-2 humbuckers or 1-3 single coil Kent Armstrong pickups

  • Passive electronics: CTS pots, Orange drop Capacitors and Switchcraft jack

  • Dunlop straplocks

Price £1995

The Echo MK II Guitar and Echo MK I BASS - A good representation of the “Standard”.

Manton Customs Echo
Manton Customs Sylphid Oak Headless 5 string bass

Popular Customisation Options


Below is a small list of popular extra options with rough guide prices. Add the chosen option price/prices to the £1995 standard price:


  • Painted or clear lacquered finish - £250

  • Figured top -  £100 plus the price of your chosen top  

  • Figured top and back - £150 plus price of the top and back

  • Set Neck  - £150

  • Neck Through  - £200

  • Laminated neck (3 piece) - £100

  • Graphite reinforced neck - £80

  • Bound neck - £120

  • Pickup upgrade (EMG/Seymour Duncan/Dimarzio) - £175

  • Official Floyd Rose (6 string Special model)  - £300

  • Active Bass Preamp - £70 plus cost of the Preamp

  • 7 string Guitar -  £150

  • 8 string Guitar - £400 (includes 3 pc laminate neck and pickup upgrade)

  • 5 string Bass - £250

  • 6 string Bass - £400 (includes 3 pc laminate neck)

  • Multi scale (fanned frets) -  dependant on spec

  • Custom Inlay - Price dependant on design, contact with your specs


If you fancy something not on the above list please don’t hesitate to get in contact for a quote, we are open to almost anything!

Manton Customs Coalescence 8 String True Temperament Evertune Jaguar 8.JPG
Manton Customs 7 string Titan Guitar (13).JPG


All instruments require a deposit of 50% at the time of commissioning. Most of this is used straight away to buy hardware, wood and electronics. Because of this the initial payment is non-refundable.

On completion, the remaining 50% can either be paid on collection, or paid before the instrument is sent out for shipping by a cheque or bank transfer. We can also accept payments by Paypal, however Paypal payments will carry an additional charge of 5% due to the fee that Paypal charge. This second payment is also non-refundable as this payment is for our time which we cannot be refunded for either! If, however, in the unlikely event that something is not to your liking, we will do our very best to rectify the problem.

Manton Customs Conqustador 5 String Fretless (3).JPG
Manton Customs Custom acoustic neck (4).JPG




Manton Customs Titan 6 String Bass 2.JPG
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