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Matriarch 7 string
True Temperament 

This is the Matriarch, named such as we believe it to be the mother of all super Strats. 

Features Overview

7 String

25 1/2" scale

24 SS True Temperament Frets

Bolt On

1 pc Mahogany Body

Poplar Burr/burl top

3 pc Flamed Maple Neck

Matching Poplar Head Plate

Ebony Fingerboard

Synesthesia fretboard Inlay

Evertune Bridge

Charlie Christian Pickups

Ilitch Hum Cancelling System 

Passive Bass Treble Controls

Phase Switch & Direct Through

Gotoh Locking Tuners

Atoll blue-natural burst finish

Manton Customs Matriarch True Temperament 7 String Guitar (3).JPG

The owner of the guitar has synesthesia, which is an association between colours and notes so on the fretboard we have some coloured inlays beneath certain notes - B is blue, C# yellow and red is for F#.


We are calling the finish on this one Atoll as it’s inspired by tropical waters and sandy beaches!

Manton Customs Matriarch True Temperament 7 String Guitar (15).JPG

Here is a particularly special commission. This is a 7 string Matriarch featuring True Temperament frets and Evertune bridge.

Whilst many 7 string guitars are built for the metal player, this one is geared more for blues, rock and clean sounds. It features two Charlie Christian pickups and in the back of the guitar we have a Ilitch hum cancelling coil.

"So happy with the True Temperament Matriarch 7 string Robin built for me. The quality of the wood (beautiful Mahogany, Poplar top and Maple neck), the aesthetics of the design (lovely curves and cutaways) the attention to detail (intricate binding between wood layers), the spectacular paint job (a shimmer of blue), the quality electronics - no hisses or clicks, and the quality of execution. Simply world-class. Robin even spent late night calls with Californiato configure the Ilitich noise cancelling coil, and also chasing True Temperament to get me the fingerboard from Texas because of Covid supply issues. When I had the crazy idea for coloured fret markers, Robin was creative - and came up with the embedded lapidary. This is the most beautiful and playable guitar I’ve ever played and I’m so grateful to Robin! Highly recommend."
John- Oxfordshire 

Alexa Young, CA

Matriarch 8 string
True Temperament 

The theme of this guitar is a meeting of two worlds, the traditional looks of a Cello with the most modern technology available, such as the True Temperament fretting system. At the time of writing this, I believe we are currently the only UK Luthiers to offer True Temperament as an option.

Features Overview

8 String

27" scale

True Temperament

Bolt On

Mahogany Body

Thick AAA Carved Spruce top

5 Pc Maple and Black Walnut Neck

Matching Spruce Head Plate

AAA Grade Ebony Fingerboard

Large Inlay Spanning Lower Frets

F Holes


Floyd Rose Bridge

Seymour Duncan Black Winter Pickup

CTS Pots

Gotoh 510 Tuners

Schaller Strap Locks

Manton Customs Matriarch 8 string 12 Front.JPG

The guitar features many Cello inspired features, such as the chambers and F holes, Spruce top and jet black Ebony fingerboard.

Hardware features include a Floyd Rose bridge, Gotoh’s top of the line 510 tuners and Seymour Duncan’s awesome Black Winter pickup set

Manton Customs Matriarch 8 string 17 Front.JPG
Manton Customs Matriarch 8 string 11 Headstock.JPG




This guitar was commissioned and customised by Vortigern, guitarist for the avant-garde metal band Lychgate. Vortigern, approached us about building an 8 string guitar with the True Temperament fretting system.



All music in the said band is written on piano first and then transcribed to guitar. On recording the album 'An Antidote for the Glass Pill'  the tracks were performed on pipe organ and accompanied by the band.



Due to the organ vs. guitar combination, it is said that the tuning and intonation issues of a normal guitar were occasionally cause for a headache during the recording sessions. So, as a way forward, not only will the true temperament guitar remove these issues, but also expand the octave range of the guitar in order that there will be greater flexibility during transcriptions from keyboard to guitar.

A slim 5 Pc neck of Maple and Walnut provides a fast playing and stable neck.


Also featuring is a custom Mother of Pearl inlay spanning the lower frets.

Manton Customs Matriarch 8 string 6 Inlay.jpg


 "It was almost surreal to finally play a guitar with such accurate intonation everywhere on the fretboard. I would press a key on my keyboard and find the corresponding note on the guitar, and find a very pleasing-to-the-ear relationship. There was no more tuning oscillation to be heard in the third "G" string (as is the case with most guitars) and no buzz anywhere on the fretboard; even on the first fret, bottom string. The action is exactly as I like it and I think we also couldn't have chosen our string gauge any better.


Working with Manton Customs has been a positive experience from start to finish. Nothing was ever too much trouble and all my concerns at every step of the building process were answered by the kind of luthier that really knows his job. This guitar is the model I have waited for in the back of my mind for a very long time, and it is truly given me back the passion and inspiration that I need. I'm now looking forward to pushing myself as a musician to the next level with a truly reliable and greatly engineered instrument."

Lychgate guitarist vortigern with his Manton MAtriarch 8 string true temperament guitar.


Band Website: 

Please remember, any of our models can be specified with a different number of strings, scale length, frets, pickups or anything else for that matter! Also we offer the option for you to design your very own unique guitar or bass with your own body shape and specifications.

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