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This is the navigator headless travel guitar, an 8 string guitar shrunk down to its bare minimum dimensions. Due to its extremely light weight of under 1.5kg and these small dimensions it makes travelling with a guitar much easier, allowing it to be carried onto flights as carry on luggage.

Features Overview

25 1/2” scale
24 fret
Blackwood Tek fretboard
5 piece Maple/Wenge neck
Mahogany body
Nova bridge
Fishman Fluence pickup
Schaller strap locks

Manton Customs Navigator 8 String Headless Travel Guitar  (4).JPG

Despite it’s small size, it’s still very much a serious instrument which can be used for live performances and recording. Armed with a single Fishman Fluence Modern pickup there are plenty of high gain tones.

As the guitar is going to be travelling to different climates and altitudes, the neck is laminated for strength and stability. Also to cope with different climates and reduce the possibility of problems with shrinkage, the fretboard is a man made ebony which greatly reduces issues with shrinkage compared to actual Ebony.


Manton Customs Navigator 8 String Headless Travel Guitar  (6).JPG
Manton Customs Navigator 8 String Headless Travel Guitar  (12).JPG

The bridge is handmade in Brazil by Nova hardware, it’s lightweight and offers smooth and precise tuning.

Please remember, any of our models can be specified with a different number of strings, scale length, frets, pickups or anything else for that matter! Also we offer the option for you to design your very own unique guitar or bass with your own body shape and specifications.

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