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The Matriarch bass. based on the Matriarch guitar, which has been in my model range since 2015, largely following the same lines as the guitar except slightly enlarged to facilitate the longer (32”) scale and ensure perfect balance. Although it has been scaled up in size slightly for the bass, I was keen to keep it as small and close to the guitar as possible which makes it nice and compact, light weight and very comfortable.

Features Overview

32” medium scale

24 fret

3pc Maple/Wenge neck

Carbon fibre reinforcement

Wenge fretboard

Luminlay side dots

Body matching headstock veneers

Spalted Maple top

Spalted Alder body

Fishman Fluence pickups

Fishman 2 band preamp

Kahler 2440 bridge

Schaller da Vinci tuners

Dunlop straplocks

The neck for instance is a 3 piece hornbeam (and walnut veneers) with Titanium stiffening rods and a man-made Ebony (Blackwood Tek) fingerboard which features glow in the dark Luminlay lines and side dots. The neck is attached to the body by a set neck construction using traditional hot hide glue.

Matriarch (4).jpeg

This bass has only three main woods (less is often more) of Maple, Wenge and Alder and there is a bit of a Spalted theme to the instrument - the top is quarter sawn Spalted Maple and the back Spalted Alder grown over here in the UK. 

The neck is a 3 piece of Maple and Wenge, reinforced with carbon fibre. The fretboard is also Wenge and has beautiful feathery like figure featuring Luminlay side dots. The neck features body matching veneers on both sides of the headstock along with a spalted Alder heel block.

Manton Customs Luminary 38 scale Fretless 5 string 5.JPG
Matriarch (4).jpeg

The pickups are a Fishman Fluence set and preamp which have some very modern tones and some surprisingly more warm and vintage sounds also available. I’m a big fan of the Fluence stuff…they can do it all!

For hardware we have a chunky Kahler 2440 bridge with a string spacing of 17mm as requested by the customer and Schaller da Vinci machine heads at the other end.

Please remember, any of our models can be specified with a different number of strings, scale length, frets, pickups or anything else for that matter! Also we offer the option for you to design your very own unique guitar or bass with your own body shape and specifications.

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